Confirmation (Grade 4-12)


4-12 grade students who have not yet received the sacrament of Confirmation will prepare to receive this sacrament in the fall of 2014.

Students will be asked to prepare to receive Confirmation in several concrete ways. We hope that the range of activities will help each student to reflect on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and move toward a mature commitment to their faith. Remember, this commitment does not have to do with a certain amount of knowledge, and does not mean that the student, at this point, is an adult – but, with the grace of Confirmation, the student is fully initiated into the Church. This is not an end, but a beginning!

The following is asked of Holy Cross 4-12 grade students who will be confirmed during this academic year:


Students in grades 4-12 are expected to attend faith formation classes, which are offered through 12th grade.  As we know, Confirmation is not a graduation from faith formation. All students, whether in 1st grade or 12th grade, are to continue learning about their Catholic faith, guided by their parents.


Students in grades 4-12 and at least one parent of that student are required to attend the Confirmation Retreat on TBD at Holy Cross.  The retreat will include stories, prayer, discussion and games that will help students and their parents learn more about Confirmation, and how this sacrament can bring them into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.  The student’s sponsor is encouraged to attend, but not required to.

Confirmation Preparation Booklet

Students will receive a booklet of preparation materials at the retreat.  This booklet focuses on the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit and includes prayers and learning activities to be done at home with the family in the weeks prior to their Confirmation.

Confirmation Record Form and Baptismal Certificate

At Faith Formation Registration, parents will be asked to complete a Confirmation Record Form for their child. A copy of the child’s baptismal certificate is also needed before they can be confirmed.  If the child was baptized at Holy Cross, we most likely have a record of it. If they were baptized at another church, you must call that church and request that the baptismal certificate be sent to Holy Cross.  The  Confirmation Record Form and a copy of the baptismal certificate should be turned in no later than TBD.

Service Project Form

Students are asked to complete 1 parish or 1 community service project. This is the minimum requirement – it is always better to do more; to build a habit of service. We would like to emphasize that the service project be done as a family.  Parents will receive a Service Project form at the retreat in October.  This form should be turned in no later than TBD. 

Confirmation Name Form

Students may choose to take a saint’s name or their Baptismal name as their Confirmation name.  Parents will receive a Confirmation Name form at the retreat in October.  This form should be turned in no later than TBD. The Confirmation Name form includes a Catholic saint website for parents and children to locate and learn more about the saint the child has chosen.  Stories of Catholic saints can also be found in various Catholic saint books available in the Faith Formation Resource Room.  Please contact Brenda if you would like to check out one of these books.

Sponsor Information Form

Each Confirmation candidate must have one sponsor. This person must be a confirmed, practicing Catholic of at least 16 years of age. The sponsor cannot be the parent of the candidate. Students are encouraged to visit regularly with their sponsor, either by phone or in person throughout the school year. Sponsors must be present at the Confirmation rehearsal and the Confirmation Mass.  Parents will receive a Sponsor Information form at the retreat in October.  This form should be turned in no later than TBD


Parents are strongly encouraged to bring their child to the Sacrament of Reconciliation prior to their child receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered at Holy Cross every Saturday from 3:30-4:00pm or by appointment.