Prayer Blankets Ministry

These special blankets are given to those who need a little TLC (tender loving care).  We have steadily increased the number given each year to an average close to 150.  Because of the extra interest and wonderful giving, we are in need of more people to assist with the blanket making.  Anyone (female or male) who is interested is invited to attend, regardless of sewing ability.  We will find something for you to do ~ we always need people to tie quilts.  We have two sewing machines and supplies at the church or you may bring your own machine. You may stop by and pick up pre-cut quilting kits and work on them at home. If you have any unused kits and aren’t going to complete them, please drop them off so someone else can make the blanket.  If you have any questions, contact Mary 282-4340 or Glenda 277-8315.