Evangelization Commission

Evangelization is about the way we live as well as what we proclaim. It is about living our lives in such a way as to bring about God’s Kingdom on earth, and inviting others to share in this journey with us.
When we “evangelize” we cooperate with the power of the spirit in the transformation of society, one person and one situation at a time. each time we proclaim in word or action the Good News of Jesus, That is, God’s love for all people, forgiveness of sins, God’s power to triumph over death, the gift of eternal life, and God’s presence in every human situation, we are evangelizing.
At Holy Cross the evangelization commission strives to build community, realizing it is in the relationship that we cooperate best with God’s Spirit breaking into our lives. It is within our relationship that we invite others to Kingdom living. It is within relationships that we share our own experiences of being loved, forgiven, reconciled, and challenged. It is within our relationships that we share ‘moments of knowing’ the presence of God in events of great joy and great sadness. These experiences continue to change us. Within this live dynamic God draws us into deeper relationship with Jesus and with one another.
Jesus said of himself, he had come to bring the good news to the poor, and he gave the command to his followers to “Go into the whole world and proclaim the good news to all creation.”           (Lk 16:15)
The Evangelization commission is working on Catholics Returning Home, a process that invites Catholics who have been away from the Church for any reason to come and visit and consider reconnecting with the faith community.
For more information, contact the parish office at 701-282-7217.