Community Servers

In January, 2003, Holy Cross reorganized the former Ladies’ Circle Groups into a new, parish wide volunteer service group. Called the “Holy Cross Community Servers”, this group serves various needs of Holy Cross parish.

The HCCC Servers are a group of volunteer coordinators who share their time with various projects, most consistently helping in the kitchen. They organize and prepare meals for many events including receptions, dinners, and funerals. The monthly coordinators have a list of all registered members of Holy Cross parish, and work in alphabetical order, asking parishioners to bake bars, make salads, or serve in the kitchen.

Our parish has over 1200 families to serve. The Community Servers would not exist without the generous gift of time by so many.

The Community Servers are ALWAYS looking for more coordinators and volunteers. If you would like to coordinate, you would be responsible for the needs of a particular month (so, we could have 2 funerals, 5 funerals, or none — it all depends on the church situation.) Or, another way to give of your time would be to volunteer to help serve in the kitchen. You can even indicate the days that are most convenient for you.

Please call the parish office (282-7217) for more information on how you can be involved in this important ministry, where we unite to break bread together, and give families a memorable meal and show our support and love for each other.