Outreach and Service

Community Servers

In January, 2003, Holy Cross reorganized the former Ladies’ Circle Groups into a new, parish wide volunteer service group. Called the “Holy Cross Community Servers”, this group serves various needs of Holy Cross parish. The HCCC Servers are a group of volunteer coordinators who share their time with various projects, most consistently helping in the… Continue reading Community Servers

Knights of Columbus

Our council is a membership of great Catholic men from Holy Cross Catholic Church that want to do their part in helping our church family grow. Our meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at Holy Cross church.  The meetings are open to all Brother Knights of Columbus members. What… Continue reading Knights of Columbus

Prayer Blankets Ministry

These special blankets are given to those who need a little TLC (tender loving care).  We have steadily increased the number given each year to an average close to 150.  Because of the extra interest and wonderful giving, we are in need of more people to assist with the blanket making.  Anyone (female or male)… Continue reading Prayer Blankets Ministry

Prayer Chain

Do you have a prayer intention that you would like shared with our community of faith? Call Margaret Keller at 282-7217, and she will alert the various branches of the prayer chain. Within a day, your prayer intention will have been prayed for by many of our parish family members. Or, if you’re interested in… Continue reading Prayer Chain

Social Action

“We should not be surprised if we find Catholic social teaching demanding. The Gospel is demanding… We know that, at times, in order to remain truly a community of Jesus’ disciples, we will have to say “no” to certain aspects in our culture, to certain trends and ways of acting that are opposed to a… Continue reading Social Action

JPII Trip Cards

The TRIP program revolves around using gift cards to do your shopping at participating businesses in the community and nationwide. Basically, when you purchase TRIP gift cards from the JPII Catholic Schools to take care of everyday needs, like groceries and gas, the church and the school get to keep between 2.5% and 10% of… Continue reading JPII Trip Cards