Outreach Service

Social Action

"We should not be surprised if we find Catholic social teaching demanding. The Gospel is demanding... We know that, at times, in order to remain truly a community of Jesus' disciples, we will have to say "no" to certain aspects in our culture, to certain trends and ways of acting that are opposed to a life of faith, love, and justice."

- Economic Justice for All
NCCB 1996

Our parish Social Action Commission is one of the ways we as a parish respond to the human needs in our society. It includes not only charity, which is direct response to a need, but also justice, which is the remedy of social problems. Justice work can include changing structures, policies and institutions which cause social problems. Social action is an essential function of parish/community life and is the fruit of our belief in Jesus and his Gospel.

Some of the charity work the commission coordinates are:

The Commission meets the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. during the following months: September, November, January, February, March and May.

For more information, please contact our parish office at 701-282-7217.