Music Ministry


Music Ministry

Join a choir, you'll be glad you did!

Church choir is a wonderful way for adults and kids to expand their faith and strengthen their journey as they learn about music, the parts of Mass, and how to follow in the path of Jesus and the people of God.  Read below to learn more about each of the choirs.  Anyone can join at anytime.  If you or your child wish to share your gifts through music, please contact Bianca at 282-7217.

Schedules are linked under each music ministry!


                Youth Choirs                                  Thursday at Sunset Band

             Adult Choir                                    Cantor

             Heart-to-Handbell Choir               Instrumentalists

           Contemporary Choir


Youth Choirs      

We have three children’s choirs in the parish. In each of these choirs, we approach both music and liturgy from a perspective geared to the developmental level of the child. They learn the music of the parish and the place of that music in the liturgy. They are also introduced to their own place in the liturgical assembly as baptized members of Holy Cross parish; their responsibilities and their privileges.  Most importantly we make music. Children love music and love to join in the singing when the people of God gather in prayer.


Tree of Life Choir - Grades 1-3

Again this year all children enrolled in Faith Formation in grades 1-3 will be involved with the Tree of Life Choir.  Rehearsals will be held during their class time.  The classes will take turns each month practicing and then singing a couple songs during one of the weekend masses.  This format has been successful with allowing more children to participate in the liturgy and to learn basic liturgical and musical concepts.


The Seraph Singers - Grades 4-6

This choir rehearses between Faith Formation classes on Wednesday at 5:00 - 5:45pm, so any child can attend before or after class.  The Seraphs will minister music at one liturgy a month as well as Christmas and Easter.  In the rehearsals, we will continue to develop liturgical and musical concepts.  Seraphs will also develop vocal, instrumental and other abilities.



Psalm 150 Grades 7-12

Any 7-12 graders are welcome to join the Psalm 150 choir which rehearses Wednesdays from 6:00 - 6:45pm.  Focusing on contemporary and traditional music, vocal and instrumental, the Psalm 150 choir will minister at one liturgy a month, as well as Christmas and Easter.


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Adult Music Groups

Adult Choir     

We are so blessed to have a fabulous Adult Choir in the parish.  This choir practices Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm  and sings at a liturgy three out of four weekends a month. It is a mixed male and female choir that enjoys playing together as much as singing together. The commitment these people have made to one another is an example to the whole parish. They truly are “community” to one another.  The choir sings music of many styles from traditional to contemporary and classical to gospel.  Instrumental music is incorporated as often as possible. Members are always welcome. There is also opportunity for singers to join for Easter or Christmas if the full year commitment does not fit in your schedule. 


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Heart -To -Handbell Choir

This group is a smaller ensemble consisting of 10-16 people ringing individual bells to make a full handbell choir.  Ages vary from High School to Adult.  Although music reading skills are beneficial in playing handbells, they are NOT required to join.  The choir rehearses Wednesday evenings at 5:15pm and ministers at Mass once a month.  The opportunity to be a "substitute ringer" is also available if you aren't able to play with the group on a regular basis.

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Contemporary Choir

We are a small, fun, "fly by the seat of your pants" choir!  Our rehearsals take place one hour before our Mass, which is usually the 3rd Saturday of every month.  We sing mainly music from church, but also venture into some Christian rock. We welcome any high school or adult singers or instrumentalists who would like to join praising God with song.  Please contact Nancy Johnson for more information at 281-2559.

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Thursday @ Sunset Band

The Thursday at Sunset Band consists of 4 vocalists, a bass guitar, 2 acoustic guitars, electric guitar, keyboard, and trap set player.  The main focus of this band is praising God through Contemporary Christian and praise and worship music.   This band provides music and leads worship for functions inside and outside of our parish.  Some events that the band has played for are Thursday at Sunset worship services, the West Fest parade, and the Collar Classic Basketball game.  The Thursday at Sunset Band will expanding their ministry by ministering music once a month at the 11:00 am Mass.     


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We are looking for anyone interested in being a song leader for Mass.  Being a cantor does not require being in any of the other choirs, only dedication to leading song during liturgies.  This ministry is open to high school/adult singers.



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With all of these wonderful groups, we are always looking for ways to enhance our worship through music.  If you have any musical talent (flute, drums, guitar, brass, etc) please let us know. 

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